Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

THe Kaha Way

At Hāwera Primary our focus is on developing positive behaviour for learning (PB4L). We adopt a restorative approach to behaviour management. Our school has an extensive behaviour management plan and incentives system based on our school values ‘The KAHA Way’ and mascot ‘Kaha the Kereru’.

The purpose of Hāwera Primary School’s PB4L school-wide behaviour management system is to create a safe and supportive environment within our school community by building positive, caring and respectful relationships that improve student achievement outcomes through increased engagement and encourage life-long learning. Students and staff live by the ‘KAHA Way’ both inside and outside the classroom.

Therefore all of our positive reinforcement and praise should link specifically back to one of the KAHA values. In each class you will find a KAHA wall display with all of our school wide behaviour expectations and shared understandings.

These systems and structures promote the safety and well being of all children inside the classroom and in the playground. The consequences of behaving well and demonstrating inappropriate behaviour are clearly outlined. This motivates children to make the best use of the opportunities offered at school, to interact positively, to not interfere with the learning of others and to use the basic courtesies expected in everyday interactions while preparing them to be successful contributing members of society.

We have a policy of contacting parents at an early stage in our attempts to improve school behaviour. This ensures that parents understand our expectations and we can work together to maintain behaviour that is consistent at home and at school. Additional information is available upon request.

What is PB4L?

We know that students learn best when they feel accepted, have positive relationships with their fellow students and teachers, and when they are able to be active, visible members of the learning community. Effective teachers foster positive relationships within environments that are caring, inclusive, non-discriminatory and cohesive.

Students are reassured that their behaviour will be treated the same way today as it was yesterday, in all settings and by all staff. The behaviour expectations are collaboratively determined by students and teachers for all learning contexts through our KAHA matrices.

At Hāwera Primary School, we don’t see consequences as punishment, but rather as a process or opportunity to help students reflect and learn the expected behaviour.

Discipline with Dignity/Kaha Points

Our in class behaviour management system focuses around our class Kahanui - Discipline with Dignity process.

  • Each student starts with their photograph on Kaha’s heart.

  • Verbal warning.

  • Yellow: make a change, face moved off Kaha’s heart

  • Red: face moved to red, cool down in designated spot.

  • Black: face moved to black, child sent to buddy class (they are accompanied by a buddy, if they refuse to go the buddy class, the buddy delivers the read card to the buddy class teacher and they come to collect the child), incident form completed,check with classroom teacher in regards to phone call home.

  • Reset after each block.

  • Students who remain on Kaha's heart throughout the day automatically receive a Kaha point

  • After 50 Kaha points are collected the student can redeem their points for a prize.

Daily rewards

Bonus KAHA points:

- Bonus KAHA points can be added to KAHA points at the end of the day. These can be given by any teacher to any student throughout the day.

- Give out as many bonus KAHA points as deserved as there is no limit.

KAHA coupons:

-Students receive a coupon when showing one of the KAHA values outside of the classroom.

- 4 coupons drawn out of each House letterbox (located at the top of the office ramp) at weekly assemblies for a lucky dip.