Home Learning

Our school-wide expectations are as follows, please note there may be times when individual teachers might assign specific individuals additional tasks
(e.g. Passion Projects, Catch-up Club, Leadership activities etc).

Students can access basic facts practice sheets, essential spelling word lists and spelling activity menus by following the links below. 

If your child is in the Waihi team, they may also bring home a reader or an activity related to a book they have read in class (please refer to the examples below). You are also welcome to read books from home and the school or public library. 

Remember to be mindful that the purpose of home reading is encourage a love of reading while building up your child's fluency, mileage and confidence.

 Please try and make a regular time to complete these tasks as it is an important part of reinforcing your child’s learning in class. See your child's teacher if you have any further questions.

waihi HOme Learning



Here are some examples of what may come home as home learning for children in the Waihi team.

Basic Facts


tangahoe HOme Learning

Basic Facts